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Rails to Cody city is the personal project I developed for my graduation. I imagined a post - appocalyptical / ciber / western universe.. I know it's a lot of words, but it was very interesting to try to mix those universes. 

Since my graduation has been reschedule to september, due to the corona virus situation, it allows me to develop some ideas during the holidays. So it's still a work in progress. 

The world

The universe is a frozen world where big city drain energy from huge no-man's lands, and where some little community try survives outsides the big city. 

For then project I focused on two characters who initiate a journey to "Cody City 2.0", one of the biggest city, after their farm was destroyed by a giant drilling machine.

To help me focus I divided the project into 3 big steps: The farm, the road and Cody city. Since I love working on environments, this project allows me to work into very different kind of environment: outsides, insides, building design, nature etc...

The farm


My first idea for the farm, was a very traditional design based on old north american farm. 

Since the farm is far away the city and all sort of technology, the farm had to be made with materials that was around: wood, rocks, mud. 

houses research.jpg

Shivali's evolution

LAURA GERAN iso 2Concept-6.png
LAURA GERAN iso 2Concept-15.jpg

I tried different outfits, and I decided at some point to use Hindu gods as inspiration.

The Power of Dance Movements!

For her power, since it's a game, I imagined that she have to learn Kathak inspired dance movements from scrolls to use magic. 

Kathak is a traditional dance from north India. I went to Kathak dance classes, to learn some dance movements, and speak with the dancers. It was very interesting, and what I loved the most is that it's such an expressive dance.. every movements, mudras descibes an action, to tell a story. Which I though would be a very interesting idea to incorporate in my concept.

Professional Kathak dancer video


Oviously I'm not an animator, but I did this little gif to illustrate the Idea.