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"I don't like allegories." - J.R.R TOLKIEN

The first time I watched the Lord of the rings Behind the scenes, is the first time I knew what kind of work I really wanted to do for a living: creating visual universes and  great designs for entertainment!

Hello! My name is Laura, from France, currently majoring in Concept Art and Illustration! You don't really need to know how old I really am.. so.. let's agree on 9! It's a fine number after all! I like nature, color, working on composition, designing environments and sets and I probably had lunch today! (I hope it was some kind of pie though) 


My heartfelt thanks for choosing to spend time on my website, I hope you like what you see, and if you have any comments, crittiques, suggestions or if you just want to say «Hi! I like what you're doing so much, let's work together, earn a lot of money, it will be a lot of fun!» ( just a random exemple/suggestion..), then do not hesitate to contact me! I'd be happy to know more about that! 



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